What our pump can do for you! 

The best part about this pump is its versatility.  This solar power water pump or "smart-trough" system can be used in a variety of different water containers, such as horse troughs, cow troughs, dog waterer, koi ponds, fountains, small ponds, any body of water is the perfect place for this product.  With the special designed filters you will never have to clean your trough, pond, fountain, water container again, instead once a week simply take the filters out and clean them.  Working smarter not harder is our goal for you!

We kept your water clean but we aren't done yet! 

Not only do our filters clean out bacteria and algae but most importantly we eradicate the most deadliest animal in the world.  Yes thats right we have successfully created the perfect trap for the deadliest animal in the world= the mosquito. 


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