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Why the Smart-Trough is important to YOU!

The Problem- 

In a study done by Washington University, E. Choli was found to grow in the micro sediment at the bottom of water troughs within just a few days of being filled. This was linked to the stagnant water and decomposing material from hay and grain that sat in the cattle's water troughs.   


Traditionally this problem has been addressed by dumping all of the water out of your trough, cleaning and then refilling.  This process can take place nearly once a week.    Frankly, if you dump the water every week to solve the problem, here in California, you are wasting water and making it very difficult to justify efficiency when we are in a perpetual drought that is not going to go away.  If you are ignoring the water and not dumping or cleaning it, then the problems associated with stagnant water will continue to be an issue for you. 

What happens when you put a Smart-trough system in your trough- 

The Smart-Trough Pump mimics a river flow, circulating the water, allowing water trough owners a weekly cleaning regiment to remove the micro sediment, preventing overheated water, and increasing water intake for their favorite herd, preventing colic and dehydration. 


It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that a river or stream has fish, and that livestock drink from it.  Just like a natural river our solar water pump is also moving and pushing sediments down beneath the surface of the water and allowing the UVB rays from the sun to clean the water due to the loss of refraction of light from the movement, and retaining the oxygenation of the water by repelling carbon dioxide off of the surface. Carbon dioxide is a gas, that is in the air, and when water is still it gathers in the surface and causes evaporation. 


Put the Smart-Trough Pump to the test, and see what’s really going on beneath the water trough surface.