Why you should make your trough’s


Why smart-trough? 

Why recirculating water important!

  • Attractive to your Animal

  • Prevents Mosquitos

  • Moving Water Stays Fresh

  • Moving Water Easily Gathers Material

  • Prevents Algae Bloom

  • Moving Water Stays Oxygenated

  • Moving Water Adds Beneficial Ozone

Why other pumps will not work 

  1. Power Source
  2. Electrocution
  3. Debris
  4. Weight
  5. Maintenance
  1. Power source-  How will you run power out to the trough?An electrician usually charges $600 to run power out safely to another location from the Main.
  2. Using a High-voltage(110v 120v etc.) Pump increases the chances of electrocution in the event of mechanism failure or power surge.
  3. Debris such as oats, barley, dust, hay, feathers, bugs, & Horse Hair  will clog and ensnare the motor of all pumps within the industry because they don’t have properly adapted filters, if they have filters at all.
  4. Traditional pumps are very Heavy & Difficult to handle.
  5. The Poor Maintenance capabilities currently offered by traditional pump systems, requires Tools and constant replacement of filters. Traditional pumps are not designed to gather material. The systems that have filters, must have the filters be replaced periodically.

The truth about fish- Fish expel Ammonia into the water amongst other Waste…

You will never see a Fish keep water clean, and of cooler temperature; However thanks to our system, you can use them still because we will keep the water cool enough for them to survive. Although, they will eventually be very hungry because of how much more efficient the mosquito pump is, than the mosquito fish. Mosquito fish belong in ponds and abandoned pools. Not your water trough.

Stop dumping & Start pumping


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